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How to succeed in the show

Release Lime: 2016-03-11 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
In the exhibition
Any person who in one or more trade exhibitions inevitably has a horror story to share: missing graphics, lost shipments, lost in the mail brochures, booths set up during the break and so on. While these are indeed terrible accident, real horror stories are those companies from the United States at a trade show exhibit to travel halfway around the world, spending $ 15,000 - $ 20,000 in cash, plus countless staff hours ... then spend most of the programs on their iPhone or evacuated after the show follow the normal trail.
The good news is: these are preventable mistake - this is not necessarily you!
Show floor
Trade Show
Make the most of your time
You just walked half across the globe, committed 24 hours or longer process. Participation in this exhibition is your main goal, and will take up your time with these tips, you can maximize your time away from the office.
Participate in the exhibition to provide any relevant education. This is a good way to achieve network with buyers and suppliers at the same time access to key industry intelligence.
Attend all networking opportunities (such as receptions, cocktail time, etc.). I know, after 10 hours on the show floor, standing and talking to people for more than two hours idea it sounds terrible, but it is worth it. Your best clients can there finally ready to do the deal.
Arrangements with new or existing customers of appointments. Whether before or after the show you get to meet them for dinner one day, or you set up an appointment to meet them your your booth during the show, which is a guarantee that you'll make a display of useful links.
For existing customers, contact them to see if they plan to participate in the program. If so, most of the programs for your invite buyers free admission, so you can provide, as an incentive for them to visit you.
For new customers, this is a bit tricky. If you have no contact information, buyers in the region to see if the display list was available online for free, or if you can provide them with a purchase. Often you can request a targeted list of participants (using a standard buyer) from show organizers, rather than the entire list to save money.
Gold Key Matching Service Business services set appointments cost-effective choice in international trade and potential customers. I do not recommend this highly enough!
Stay after the show and interested local buyers. There is that you will be at the show who was in the same city as a showcase for potential clients to connect with a good opportunity. How they will be impressed if you can arrange follow-up visit the next day and after their performances?
The key here is that you do not just sit in your booth and want to walk right customers. You are active and take full advantage of your trip.