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Shrimp pellets Features

By:admin  Time:2016-03-11

In the breeding of shrimp, under normal circumstances, the use of different types of feed. In most cases, start feeding the feed growers in the same nutritional value. The only difference is in the length and particle diameter pellets or crumble in terms of physical appearance. However, the lack of understanding of the dietary behavior of shrimp makes feeding more expensive.
Eating behavior shrimp
Shrimps do not swallow anything like a fish feed are doing. Chelating second leg indigestion food they use to hold and cut it with the mandible. This means that the animals are eating into food and non-swallowing. Because shrimp is Slow Food, the feed water is more important than the durability of pellets or crumble size.Generally is applied after the feed within two hours exhausted. However, it was found that 50% is applied to the feed consumed within 30 minutes.
Compare crashes the ball
Crushed by the manufacturer of small ball and smash them afterwards to obtain the desired particle size. Since the protective surface of the pellet process is broken so that the water penetration easier and their consequences for the particle to fall apart quickly.While pellets have better results aqueous durability of at least 21/2 hours. The protective surface to reduce the infiltration of water into pellets. This also ensures that chemotherapy lure and nutrients to better feed consumption and rapid growth of CLL. Particles fed shrimp feed feeding faster, they all tests compared with control.In appear to be more healthy, no deaths. On the other hand crumble starter feed, it is a water pollutant and can be successfully replaced by starter feed pellets.
Granulation Process Description
After the feed mixture component selected, and to determine the amount of ingredients are finely divided, sifted. These powders were weighed to the desired level, and mixed with a suitable amount of a mixture of mineral and a binder. The optimum amount of water mixture made of hard dough. This dough into small balls steamed. After distilling they are cooled and added vitamin mixture. Then the ball is broken, and mixed to make it as homogeneous as possible. The mixture was passed through a die to make into granules. The pellets were dried and packaged for storage. In such a dry feed moisture content should not exceed 12%. Feed dry granulation form is easy to manufacture, storage, transport and feeding time processing.