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Technical features of pelletizer

Release Lime: 2016-03-25 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Technical characteristics pelletizer
Design barrel 45 # steel after fine processing quenching with high hardness and wear a certain corrosion resistance, and brought out the feed slot is provided with a certain size, easy to feed.
Heating system
Heating system by the heating coil composed of separate distribution in the barrel, the barrel of a uniform material is heated plastics, controlled by electric meter cabinet, formed automatically adjust the set temperature.
Cooling fan
In order to stabilize the barrel temperature at the bottom of the barrel designed to increase the cooling fan, automatic temperature control through automatic cooling when the temperature is too high, increasing the cylinder temperature stability.
In order to maintain the extruded plastic does not occur due to temperature decrease, lack of liquidity, impede extrusion. Specifically in the head outside a certain increase in the power of the heating coil to ensure the full discharge of normal. And the discharge hole machine head set for 15 pass parallel, increasing the discharge amount increase production speed. Head of structure parallel to the extrusion head, with threaded cylinder is connected, saving time and effort when changing screen can.
Pelletizing Systems
After cooling strip material through the cooling system into the pelletizer were rolling into granular, convenient packaging. Set the scroll wheel on the cutter feed, driven by the motor will automatically transfer the material to the body, the body's internal scroll blade cut.