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Making chicken feed for layers

Release Lime: 2016-03-29 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Animal performance and feed efficiency benefit from good quality pellets. The particles are better, the better the performance. Less waste, less isolated in the feed, improved palatability and less time eating, all of these advantages is by feed pelleting feed pellet mill brought. Vida is a reliable mechanical feed mill manufacturers and suppliers, it offers a wide range of feed manufacturing equipment feed equipment including diesel, electric feed machinery.
Animal feed particle machine feed particle machine
Make chicken feed particle layer brief production processes
1. broken: the hammer mill type pulverizer feed raw material obtained finely ground ingredients.
2. Mix: All the ingredients are in particulate feed period the mixer to obtain a homogeneous mixture was mixed. Then, in the end when the final mixing a moist, cohesive mix and match.
3. Granulation: After mixing, the paste was fed granulator feeder
Manufacturing raw chicken feed hens
1. Grains: maize, barley, oats, wheat, triticale, rye and sorghum
Soybean, flax, sunflower: 2 oilseed crops
Beans, green beans and field peas protein: beans 3 seeds
4. Pasture: Pasture allow flavors Powder
5. dry beet pulp.
In addition, the following materials may be used as pellets appetizer:
1. locust bean, up to 3%;
2. molasses, up to 3%.
Note: Animals in lactation and dry animals and heifers from six months the maximum amount of pellets daily pregnancy is 2 kg / head / day.