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Round-up Problems in Wood Pellet Drying

Release Lime: 2016-04-05 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Round-up Problems in Wood Pellet Drying

It is well known that a whole wood pellets production line includes working process as following: preparing raw materials, crushing, drying and pelletizing. Thus it can be seen that drying is essential for producing wonderful wood pellets.

How to Understand Drying in Biological Way?
To understand drying, there is some biological knowledge you need to know.
Water in wood cells is contained in two ways. One is liquid or free water, the other is adsorbed or bound water. Free water does not influence the properties of wood apart from its weight. Bound water, however, has enormous implications on properties of woods, and is hard to eliminate in the natural drying process.During drying, free water leaves the wood firstly. After the bound water is departed from the wood cells, it can be used as superior fuel. Nevertheless, it is a long time to dry the water completely in natural withering. Or in other case, they are needed to be dried in suitable water content in a short time. Therefore, a dryer is needed before you prepare to pelletize them into wood granules.
Why You Need A Pellet Dryer?
In general, raw materials we had purchased always contain water at 25% to 50%.After air or solar drying, moisture in wood cells will be lowed to 20%. However, it is still not reach the grade demanded. And although air drying or solar drying is low cost, their effects depend on the weather. Especially in winter, when wood pellets are badly in demanded. People in cold rooms can't wait for a long time air drying or solar drying.Usually, ideal water content is from 14% to 16% for the next pelletizing. Our dryers will help you manufacture eligible raw materials for pelletizing in efficiency.
How to judge whether the dried wood is good for pelletizing?
1.Generally speaking, the best way to decide water content is to depend on vision and touch. Dried raw materials look like oily in toast tan are almost best. 
2.Apart from a pellet machine, the further proof technique is whether they can disperse evenly. You can do as following. Firstly, hold a handful dried raw materials. Then close your fist. After that, open your hand to watch their loose degrade.
3.As long as pellet mill can produce ideal pellet fuel, the water content is up to par.
4.The last but not least, whether raw materials need to be dried depends on what they are. And different dryers are fit for different materials. Our rotary drum dryer and pipe dryer are always here for your choice.