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Wood Pellet Machine Market Prospects

Release Lime: 2016-04-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Wood Pellet Machine Market Prospects
Under the big market of low-carbon environment of the 21st century, the energy saving, low-carbon biomass combustion particles market outlook is very good. Sawdust pellet machine has been stood out in biomass fuel market.

Biomass pellet use sawdust, sunflower shells, peanut shells, and other fruits shell as raw materials, also branches, tree trunk, bark and other wood scraps as leftovers. All kinds of crop straw, rubber, cement, ash and other chemical raw materials can become very high combustion value wood pellet machine particles, straw particles, sawdust pellet machine wood pellet machine of repression under a special process, particles, wood pellet machine briquetting particles. It can provide sufficient combustion material to the boiler enterprises, power generation enterprise, and heat energy enterprises and also can be able to achieve the purpose of power-saving, and fuel-efficient. So that we can see the future of wood pellets machine market prospect is very extensive!
Why straw pellet machine can come out on top in the market, and is the most development trend of the industry in the past five years? Next we would learn more from the following points to the inevitable advantage on the development of wood pellet machine.
            1.Allance wood pellet machine can use in power plants, feed mills, wood processing plants, fuel plants, fertilizer plants and chemical plants. It is small investment, quick and risk-free to the best compression dense molding equipment.
            2.With the advent of large coal partials technology and equipment, straw and other combustible biomass get the best way to use, and wood pellet machines and other energy equipment are bound to have a broad market prospect.
           3.Wood pellet machine is an investment of lifetime benefit energy equipment, regardless of quality, capacity and market applications, multi-function is the best choice of many investors.
           4.Wood pellet machines respond to the most important energy saving, which is the term of the ''12th Five-year Plan'', it has got the support program of government policy.
The six performance of wood pellet machine
Wood pellet machine is a new biomass fuel particles forming machine equipment, the emergence of the wood pellet machine led to the rapid economic development; here I will introduce the six performance of wood pellet machine.
1.The main drive adopts gear drive, and the ring die adopts the quick hoop type, the production will increase by 20% than the belt drive type.
2.The machine rotating part embraces the high quality imported bearing, ensuring the efficient transmission, stability, and low noise.
3.International advanced level of compensation serpentine spring coupling, with a novel structure, compact, safety, and low failure performance.
4.In the basis of the conventional granulator, it enhances the intensity of the main work site from the material, and heat treatment process, thereby achieving the requirements of the granulation of the biomass particles. 
5.Pellet mill has achieved a major breakthrough in the ring die, mainly provided the problem of the ring mold anti-cracking, high-yield and long time use.
6.High-performance. Low-power, smooth operation, the grain quality is stable and reliable.