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How To Identify Quality Of Fish Feed Pellets

Release Lime: 2016-04-11 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Up to now,there have been many methods to identify whether the feed pellets possess high quality fas far as fish farmers are concerned.Firstly,we can judge it from appearance.Besides,it is advisable to decide it with a magnifying glass.Next,we can verdict it by screening.In addition,we can also adopt some certain germ to finish your evaluation.Finally,there are still techniques refer to physics and chemistry provided for us to choose from.In general,not everyone has professional tools.Therefore,we always judge the pellets quality from appearance.
It is obvious that judging from appearance is more quickly and intuitively comparing to other methods.Generally speaking,four steps are summarized for you as following:
1.Watch color.
As is well know to us, fish feed pellets' components usually contain protein raw materials such as fish meal,bean pulp and cottonseed meal,etc.For this reason,pellets' color is similar to their raw stuff,which is yellowish-brown or puce.
Some fishermen consider that the lighter pellet color,the more bean pulp.It is not.If the color is too shallow,sometimes it is because citric acid pigment is contained,not high levels of bean pulp.It is not benefit to fish.
While the other section hold that the darker color,the better pellet.It is also a mistake.Sometimes too high pelletizing temperature may lead to dark-color pellets.And high temperature has deprived a lot of nutrition. 
2.Scent smell.
Authentic fish feed pellets have fish-like smell and bean pulp fragrance.However,abnormal odour is actually warning you the feed may be on the bad cards.For instance,it has often seemed that the feed is mildewy.Or protein has been decomposed.Another familiar case is coking oil because of too high temperature.
3.Test water resistance.
In this step,you can put into water for about 3~5 minutes to watch them how to diffuse. Divergent pellet feed is layering in water so that you can have more detailed observation on their raw materials,brans or impurities. 
Simultaneously,we must not lose sight of the fact that long-time floating pellets have advantages in reserving nutrition and reducing water pollution. 
4.Look over spec.
Top-ranking manufacture enterprises will launch a series of befitting pellet fish feed products according to different fish categories and growth periods.With bright gloss,high-grade pellet has a flat notch in cross section.However,inferior pellet is another case.As a rule,the length of fish feed pellet is 1.5~2.5 times to particle size.If you are not looking at this going,imbalanced proportion may affect palatability in a serious way. What's more,large amount of pellet feed will be wasted.
In conclusion,we ,who is a major manufacture and supplier of feed pellet equipment with twelve years experience, have a whole fish feed pellet production line to serve your diversified needs. Pellets created by our pellet machines and its ancillary equipment are ideal and welcomed by all our customers.