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Palm fiber pellet production line

Release Lime: 2016-05-10 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Palm fiber pellet production line is our main product which has adopted the essence of corncob pellet mill in oversea markets. The core part “double layer die” has unique structural assembly and “rollers” are made of high wearable alloymaterials. These two parts have the following characters: particular design, reasonable structure, low energy, high efficiency and long life etc. Through technical experts’ hard work, our company has developed this typical patent product. This new machine has filled the country blank in vertical feeding for ring die  pellet mill and reached the international advanced level.
Palm fiber pellet production line pellet process can be EFB shredder, drying, grinding, pelleting, cooling, sieving, dust collection and packing. With consecutive and reasonable process routing, every standalone machine is of high performance. Pellet making equipment of this line has features of compact structure, small occupation, low consumption and high efficiency.
The entire line includes the following equipments:
• Dryer (reduce the raw material’s moisture to a suitable level for pelletizing);
• Hammer Mill (grind the small pieces of wood into nearly powdery form for easy pelletizing);
• Pellet Machine (process raw material into pellets);
• Cooler (cool down the output pellets to avoid accumulation of heat that may destroy pellets);
• Sieving (remove the dusts and crushed pellets);
• Packing (pack the pellets into bags of required sizes);
• Electric Cabinet (control equipments).