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People Will Get Poisoned with Long-term Using Pencils?

Release Lime: 2016-11-08 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
biting pencils
  The pencils produced by wooden pencil production line are common tools that we often use in our daily life,especially students use more frequently.But there is always a viewpoint that if we often use pencils,we are being slowly poisoned.Some people may fear and are worried about if they should use pencils anymore when hearing such sayings.So is it true that using pencil often will cause poisoning?
  In recent years,many accidents of “children have over-standard plumbum in blood” have occurred in many places.Many students have the habit of biting pencils.And accordingly,the accidents are naturally related with biting pencils.Actually,people who doubt the safety of pencils often think that there exist plumbum in pencils and using such pencils too much will naturally cause lead poisoning.
  Is there plumbum in pencil leads?To answer this question,we need to start with the beginning and development of pencils.In the 16th century,graphite,a kind of black mineral was founded.Soon this substance was used to make marks on sheep.Later,a chemist named Canth if Napoleon’s army was ordered to make pencils.The method he took was to add clay into graphite and roast the mixture in a cave.From the development of pencils,we will find that plumbum wasn’t used in the process of pencils.However,the wooden lead holders are often painted with colorful pigments.If there exist micro quantity of heavy metal or other harmful substances,they will get into people’s oral cavities through mouths during the period of biting and get swallowed into stomachs.
  To sum up,there doesn’t exist plubum metal in the pencils that we often use.But the source of problems is most probably be the pigments painted on the pencils.So we shouldn’t easily trust the rumors spreading around that hasn’t been proved correct.We’d better try to figure out the truth before we believe.And finally,the most important point is that we should change the habit of biting pencils,especially students.