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Something about Mosquito Coils

Release Lime: 2016-11-09 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
mosquito coils
  Mosquitoes are a kind of very annoying insect.Everyone hates them because they will bite us and suck blood from our skins.During summer days,they will often come to disturb us for almost night.Especially in some wet places which are surrounded with plants.When nightfall comes,darkness will envelop the sky.At that time,it will be very hard for us to see things.We may can't find our own fingers even we lift our hands close to our eyes.Meanwhile,the disturbing "bloodsuckers" will flying around us all the time and wait to attack us,just like ghosts.But they are so small that we can't make little effort to deal with them but bear.But this doesn't mean that there are no methods for us to drive away or even kill these annoying things.
  Since we can't see or catch them,so why don't we give up this thought?We can't,but chemical substances can.Actually,in ancient times,our ancestors had invented mosquito coils to deal with the little things.The chemical substances that mosquito coils produce will effectively wipe out the mosquitoes.
  We now commonly use mosquito coil production line to process mosquito coils.But the produced chemical substances sometimes may be harmful to human bodies.Because when mosquito coils are burning incompletely,they will produce harmful substances that will do bad influence to our health and probably make us giddy or sick.
  So we must pay attention to the using method of mosquito coils.Take disk-type mosquito coils as an example,they are suitable for being used in places that exist many mosquitoes.If we put the mosquito coils in a house,after 7 to 8 hours of burning,the mosquito coils in the house will be sufficiently wiped out.However,if there are babies,pregnant women,old men or asthma patients,it will be much better if we us physical methods to prevent the harm of mosquitoes.Such as mosquito nets,screen windows and screen doors,etc.
  And another effective and safer way is to use electric heating mats or electric heating liquid.They have the advantages of light smell and thrill.However,the security problem of using electric machines must be paid more attention to.