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The Interesting Story of Modern Mosquito Coils' Origin

Release Lime: 2016-11-14 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
mosquito coils
  Mosquito coils are very useful tools to keep our health in our daily life.They are now commonly produces in factories by mosquito coil production line.About its origin,there is a pretty interesting story.
  In 1885,there was a family of called “king of orange” in Arida of Wakayama Prefecture in Japan.In the family,Kamiyama Eiichiro who had graduated from Keio University set up his ow store to sell the oranges they produced to foreign markets.
  With the introduce of his teacher Fukuzawa Yukichi,Kamiyama Eiichiro got to know the boss of a plant company.Kamiyama Eiichiro treated that boss very fervidly and gave him some seedlings of orange and bamboo as a gift.Next year,the boss sent Kamiyama Eiichiro a box of plant seeds and a letter.In the letter,the boss described that many americans became rich for the reason of producing the plant.The seeds are original from pyrethrum in Yugoslavia.
  And in the letter,he also told Kamiyama Eiichiro that the plant can grow in wastelands.Accordingly,Kamiyama Eiichiro thought about the idea that if he could spread the plant all over the country to protect crops and export the crops to foreign countries.Maybe he could save many poor farmers who suffer from the insect attacks.Therefore,he started to travel to different places across the country.However,it was a pity that most farmers didn’t show interest in his thoughts or things.After another period,he thought that if he could process pyrethrum into the status of ashes and cast on crops.Maybe this method could be accepted by farmers.But the effect of experiments proved not so good.
  And as time passed,in 1888,Kamiyama Eiichiro employed some craftsmen.It took them two years to have created the world’s best stick mosquito coils.However,using stick-type as the shape of mosquito coils could only last for an hour.If the they tried to increase the length,the mosquito coils would become very easily broken.And his wife suggested that he could change the shape into swirls.Then,after repeating experiments,the original model of modern mosquito coils came into being.