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Various Functions of Cotton Swabs

Release Lime: 2016-11-14 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
cotton swabs
  Cotton swabs,also called scrubbing sticks ,are produced by cotton swab making machines.They have various textures,shapes and types and are often used as dust-free scrubbing consumable items for industrial purposes.Besides,they have many functions that is not only for industrial purposes.Following are the details.
  Cotton swabs have many varieties,including dust-free scrubbing swabs,cleaning swabs,medical swabs and instant coated cotton swabs,etc.
  Actually,cotton swabs are common and necessary articles for daily use.
  For ladies,making up is the required course in everyday life.But after the procedures of making up,it is unavoidable that they’ll leave traces on lips.But with the help of cotton swabs,this won’t be worried about anymore.Because the traces can be worked out easily using cotton swabs.Only by scrubbing back and forth can ladies clean the dirty traces.
  Nowadays,it has become a very common phenomenon for people to have and use personal computers,no matter workers or for family use.And computers do have many funny functions like surfing on the Internet,playing games or searching information.And sometimes,we may discover that there exist many dusts on the keyboard.If we don’t deal with them in time,the buttons may be caused of out of control.Using rags to clean can only deal with the dusts on the keyboard,but the dusts in the small gaps can’t be reached.So what can we do?The good method is using cotton swabs.
  In our daily life,it pretty normal that scratching often happens.We don’t want such things happen,but we can’t avoid them and can only accept the situation.So the right handling method is that we should make sterilization to the wounds.Then use cotton swabs to dip in some medicine to clean the wounds in case of inflection.
  And besides,cotton swabs can be used to clean the places inside our ears.Because the cottons are very soft and won’t hurt our ears.This method is safe and clean.
  Cotton swabs,small bodies,big value.