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Traditional Organic Fertilizer In China

Release Lime: 2018-12-13 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
As a closely related with agriculture, agricultural product quality safety and environmental protection industry organic fertilizer industry, with the sustainable development of agriculture and the rise of ecological agriculture and green food,renewed gain people's attention.Which in a rapid growth phase, there are broad prospects for development.

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advanced organic fertilizer granulation machine

The use of organic fertilizer in China
Organic fertilizer is mainly composed of organic materials, into the soil, under the action of microorganisms, the decomposition and release of mineral nutrients, supply for crop growth, and participate in the role of soil aggregation, and promote the formation of soil structure.

Use the organic fertilizer for crops can increase production and improve the quality. The use of organic fertilizer is an important measure to maintain the quality of cultivated land, and it is the fundamental guarantee for the sustainable development of agriculture. At the same time, vigorously promote the application of organic fertilizer, to promote the development of agricultural resources of organic waste, to protect the ecological environment is of great significance.However, the current situation of organic fertilizer in China is still grim, with the rapid development of industry and agriculture, organic waste has increased year by year, often enrichment in the local area ,due to transport and in situ digestion and hold cannot become a source of pollution, which poses a serious threat to the urban and rural environment.

The reason of the shrinking of organic fertilizer in China
1.the traditional organic fertilizer accumulation process trouble, labor intensity, and the rural labor force structure changes, strong labor flows to urban workers;

2.the self accumulation of organic fertilizer, backward production methods, small scale, low efficiency, high nutrient loss, low degree of harmless; 

3. the traditional organic fertilizer has the disadvantages of low effective nutrient content, poor effect, large volume and inconvenient to use, such as "wet, dirty, dirty" and so on;

4. the degree of commercialization of traditional organic fertilizer is very low, no product quality standards and technical standards.
Therefore, in today's society, continuous progress, the degree of agricultural intensification is constantly improving, the shortcomings of traditional organic fertilizer has become the main reason for its own development.

In order to change the status quo, we must change the traditional method of production of organic fertilizer, the use of advanced granulation technology.Granulating technology which is good, Longer is your prefect choice.