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The Development Direction of Organic Fertilizer At Present

Release Lime: 2018-12-13 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
With China's accession to WTO, the construction of agricultural modernization is advancing continuously, continuously improve the quality of agricultural products,organic fertilizer for the survival and development of green food and ecological agriculture,which industrialization development direction is inevitable.

In recent years, due to the lack of investment in China’s arable land organic fertilizer, application amount decreased year by year, reduce the content of soil organic matter, can not adapt to the development of modern agriculture and commodity economy,these factors cause the use of organic fertilizer to shrink.

Organic Fertilizer  Pellet

Below is the development mode of organic fertilizer industrialization.

To reform the accumulation and usage patterns of the traditional organic fertilizer, the basic way out is to realize the industrialization of organic fertilizer production and commercialization of sales.Therefore,in order to improve the industrial production efficiency of organic fertilizer and ensure the quality of organic fertilizer, the basic research and application of organic fertilizer should be further strengthened to meet the practical needs of production, solve the technical problems faced in the process of industrialization, and take positive measures in the following aspects.

1,The use of advanced 
organic fertilizer granulation process, the production of good physical properties of products, in order to overcome the poor appearance, low levels of shortcomings, improve the quality of goods;

2,The development of organic and inorganic compound fertilizer, improve the nutrient content, enhance the quick effect, and play the characteristics of quick acting effect;

3,Inoculation of microbial agents, the development of bio organic fertilizer;

4,Strict implementation of organic fertilizer product quality standards, establish brand awareness, the formation of scale effect. With the development of modern biotechnology and the continuous improvement of the production process, it has created favorable conditions for the organic fertilizer industry.In addition, the government propaganda, planning and guidance of organic fertilizer industry development, to give more policy support and technical support,Establish and improve the quality supervision mechanism, regulate the circulation and sales market, crack down on fake and inferior products, form a good market order,all of these promote the healthy development of organic fertilizer industry.