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Benefits of artificial feed

Release Lime: 2018-12-13 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
In modern fish culture,the direction of the development is artificial work in with feed pellets,intensive fish like fish culture in running water,cage culture all adapt artificial complex pellet feed.

pellet feed machine

The early development of artificial feed in the United States and Europe is mainly based on the thin slice,used so far. There are a variety of sheet and sheet ingot shaped material on the market, namely the water into the water or paste the wall softening, and then slowly smoked fish, small fish flake feed is suitable for use, such as dogs, fish guppy, lamp, bait feeding convenient, but not easy to disperse the cylinder bottom fishing except long, easy to cause water pollution caused.

For extruded pellets recently widely used in fishery and pet, in the manufacturing process of high temperature and high pressure, not only can achieve the purpose of curing completely, also has a bactericidal effect. More can be according various types of ornamental fish floating or sinking under the demand to made suitable for its growth and performance’s expansion pellet feed products, which can maintain at least 3 hours in the water of the complete pellets. So puffed feed is the least polluted water .

The pellet size of large pellets from micro pellets 0.5m/m to 7m/m can be made by pellet feed making machine, so from fry to fish, small fish to large fish have expanded feed for its mouthparts use, and expanded feed pellets can be installed in the automatic feeding device for feeding on time turning, travel or to press when feeding fish love fish is convenient, is the most ideal feeding of ornamental fish feed at present.

The benefits:
1,to reduce the factors of water pollution and increase the water quality deterioration.
2,to prevent water soluble nutrients in the water,improve the utilization rate of feed, and reduce the feed coefficient.
3, mixed into disease prevention drugs as additives, from the role of disease prevention.