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Maintenance experience of Grinding Machine

Release Lime: 2016-11-28 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
With the development of numerical control technology, the hydrostatic bearing is also widely used in the spindle of CNC machine tools, such as machining center.Longer in the maintenance of a number of exploration and try to get some experience of Grinding Machine.
1.Orifice throttle:
Change the internal throttle to external throttle, and add pressure gauge to display the pressure of the upper and lower cavity immediately. The maintenance is convenient, in particular, can be easily cleaned regularly, which is not comparable to the internal throttle.
When the oil cavity is not loaded, the oil column of each oil outlet must be consistent. If it is not consistent, the method of changing the aperture of the throttle , throttle should be adopted to change the flow rate.
2. Film feedback throttle
Film feedback throttle bearing stiffness is very large, But the machines often appear in the operation with tile, galling, pressure drop phenomenon, Film feedback is the most critical. n practice, the main reason of bearing locking, galling is thin film plastic deformation, feedback slow, when the film has not yet reacted, the shaft and tile have been rubbed out:
Film fatigue, Thin film used for a long time, fatigue deformation, equivalent to changing the feedback parameters.
Increase the thickness of the film and switch to a number of fatigue resistant materials, can receive good results. In general is the use of rigid film, pre load, and reserved gap method.
3. Improvement of fuel supply system
In the oil supply system of the hydrostatic bearing, the remaining components have a protective effect on the static pressure bearing except for the coarse and fine filtration. On the basis of the original system, the oil supply system is improved.
After the throttle plate, the oil outlet is connected with the pressure relay and the pressure gauge. this allows the operator to see the cavity pressure and the size of the inlet pressure. When the pressure is greater than a certain value, in order to immediately shut down, so as to avoid bearing lock.