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Safety operation procedures of Grinding Machine

Release Lime: 2016-11-28 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Stainless Steel Multi-functional Grinding Machine is a machine tool used for grinding the surface of workpiece. Most of the grinding machine is the use of high-speed rotation of the grinding wheel grinding, The minority is the use of stone, belt and other abrasive and abrasive machining, such as honing machine, superfinishing machine, grinding machine, polishing machine and polishing machine etc..
When using the machine, we need notice:
Safety operation procedures of Grinding Machine 1. Should be checked before work, machinery, electrical appliances, protective devices, dust cleaning devices, tools, etc., must be in a complete state of good.
2. After manual inspection departments running empty, check the wheel longitudinal reciprocating motion, to confirm the normal, can carry out work.
3. Before work according to the length of the workpiece grinding, manually adjust the position of the reverse gear, and to tighten.
4. When the machine works, the pressure of the hydraulic system should not exceed the range of the specified value. The oil temperature should not exceed 50 degrees, air cylinder, the grinding head to go back and forth several times in the exhaust stroke.
5. Machine tools have no vertical movement of the automatic and manual interlock mechanism, while the use of hydraulic automatic reciprocating motion, you must pull out the handle.
6. Frequently check fixture in work: as well as workpiece fastening, the balance of the grinding wheel fastening and belt tightness, blunt grinding wheel should be trimmed in time.
7. When dressing the grinding wheel, the diamond knife is fixed on the special bracket, the operation is strictly prohibited, and should wear protective glasses.
8. No parking is allowed when the wheel is not out of work.
9. Replace the grinding wheel, grinder shall comply with the general safety rules.
10. No touch of the workpiece in the grinding or moving parts across the conveyor.
11. Adjustment, repair, lubrication, cleaning machine tools should be shut down.