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BB Fertilizer Mixer Machine With Professional Technology

Release Lime: 2016-12-05 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
BB Fertilizer mixer machine,It is the absorption of domestic and foreign solid fertilizer technology, combined with China's national conditions developed a new generation of practical fertilizer processing equipment. According to different regional fertilizer sales, soil nutrient status, crop requirement fertilizer, characteristics and target yield, calculate the amount and proportion of different nutrients, after mechanical mixing, generally without special packaging, can be stacked for a long time, directly to the field use.

BB Fertilizer Mixer Machine

The device overcomes the phenomenon that the mixture layer is thin or split due to the different proportion of raw materials and the different particle size, improve the accuracy of the batching. To solve the influence of system caused by the factors such as the material properties, mechanical vibration, pressure, voltage fluctuation, cold weather and other factors. With high precision, fast speed, long life and other characteristics, is BB fertilizer (fertilizer blending) manufacturers the most ideal choice.

The total requirement of mixed fertilizer for base fertilizer is uniform size, low moisture content, good particle strength, storage and no caking.The consistency of grain size of raw materials used in mixed fertilizer is not only required to be consistent with the upper and lower limits of particle size, but also requires that they have similar granular distribution. Therefore, it is an important step to analyze the particle size distribution of different raw materials before mixing.

The design of this equipment is novel and practical. It is mainly composed of the lifting feeding system, the high precision mixing system, the storage system frame, the electric control system and so on. With the feeding system does not storage material, mixed system production and uniform, can be self - flow packaging, continuous production and so on.
If you encountered installation problems after you bought the machine, we will provide you with the best solution.