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Konwledge of Wood Sawdust Dryer

Release Lime: 2016-11-30 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Wood Sawdust Dryer issuitable for dryingsensitive material like sawdust, rice hull, milled wheat straw, milled cotton/ corn stalks and so on.It is made up of heat stove, tube, impulse jar, function tube, fan, and cyclone separator.It can reduce moisture from 40-45% to 8-12%.Fuel for the furnace: wood waste, coal. Waste oil and so on.           
For raw materials with heavy humidity which is above 12%, you need to install a Dryer before further pelletizing or briquetting. This Air Current Type Dryer can reduce the humidity of wood materials below 12% per time. The Cost of this Air Current Dryer is much lower than Rotary Dryer. The productivity can be designed as the requirements from customers.
It is professionally designed for drying different kinds of wood sawdust. It has advantages of low cost, low consumption, high capacity, easy operation and maintainace, etc. In addition, the round places of pipes can be changed to any angle which can save space and solve plant dimension limitation.
(Note: If the moisture of raw materials is more than 45%, the furnace required the bigger, please inform us when ordering.)
The whole system consists of fan blower, motor engine, fuel boiler, steel pipe, cyclone and air lock. In this system, wet material is input into hopper by screw feeder. Fuel furnace produces large volume of hot air. The hot air is driven into steel pipes, mixed with wet sawdust and moved through curving pipes and drying chamber by the power of fan blower. Fast moving hot air sustains and is mixed with raw material sent by spiral feeder in the suspending state through the steel pipe; moisture evaporates as the material traverses along the steel pipe and is rendered dry at the discharge end. Humid air is continuously exhausted, thus the material is dried.
In the dryer, high-speed hot air stream sustain raw material in the suspending state, then the material is dried. Since air stream speed is very high, and materials suspending in air stream, the heat transfer surface between air and raw material is large, so the heat transfer rate is high.