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How to choose the right pet food

Release Lime: 2016-12-01 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Eating is a top priority for pets, There are many kinds of pet food in the market at present.it is dazzling, pet owners are difficult to quickly make a choice. So how to choose the right pet food for pets is a topic of great concern to the owners.Today we come to learn about, from what aspects of the pet food to make a preliminary judgment.
1. The color of pet food can reflect the material selection of products, but they are not directly equate, , the color of pet food whose raw material based meat is generally darker. On the contrary, the darker color of pet food, the core raw materials may not be meat.
2. Considering the pet's preferences, then according the smell to chose the pet food. the smell which people like may not be suitable for pets.How to choose the right pet food
3.The taste of pet food has little effect on pet, because pets are mainly through the sense of smell to decide whether to eat.
4. The shape and size of pet food, pet has little impact, as long as the size of the right. Individual varieties of pets have a preference for the shape of the particles, pet food manufacturers will do the appropriate adjustments.
5. How much meat in the formula of the pet food affects the surface smoothness and the density of the particles.
The Pet Food Production Line in Longer has the advantages of reasonable design, high degree of automation, stable performance and convenient operation. Its products with novel shape, unique taste, rich nutrition, easy to digest and other characteristics, more close to the requirements of human food.All line made by stainless steel. It can Make moderate size, soft and hard products. The production process from feeding, cleaning, storage and distribution of raw materials, automatic weighing, crushing, mixing, puffing, drying, spraying, cooling, packaging production line running, according to the type selection of suitable production configuration. Meet the needs of the vast number of users of production and investment.