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Knowledge of Cylinder Screening Machine

Release Lime: 2016-12-09 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Drum screening machine is a commonly used equipment in the production of compound fertilizer, which is mainly used for the separation of the finished product and the return material, and also can realize the grading of the finished product, so that the finished product can be evenly classified. It uses the combined type screen, easy maintenance and replacement, the machine has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, stable operation. Knowledge of Cylinder Screening Machine
The roller screen is composed of a motor, a speed reducer, a roller device, a machine frame, a sealing cover and a material inlet and outlet. The roller device is installed on the machine frame. The electric motor is connected with the roller device through a shaft through a speed reducer, and the drive roller device rotates around its axis.
In Longer, material of Cylinder Screening Machine feeds into the drum, is lifted up by the rotation as it falls back down. This action is repeated with each revolution along the length of the drum. The finer material passes through the screen openings while the larger material tumbles towards its eventual exit at the rear of the drum.
The trommel screen provides a simple, efficient and economical solution to upgrade a wide rang of material and optimize the subsequent process steps of recovery. This method of screening helps to reduce operating and investment cost and to increase product quality, while allowing rapid and large volume processing. This material is then passed on to the downstream process equipment which can be in various forms such as centrifugal Concentrator, spirals, jigs etc.
Economical and efficient solution for screening;
Heavy duty trommel drum with lifters at the front to facilitate material break up;
Screen replaceable for different mesh sizes;
Multilayer screens;
Easily change screen plates;
High efficiency and big capacity;
Unique screen design, result in higher capacities, longer screen life and no material clogging;
Heavy duty feed hopper