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Nutritional value of fish feed

Release Lime: 2016-12-20 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Energy. The energy needed to fish is low. Because the fish is a cold-blooded animal, does not need to consume energy to maintain a constant body temperature, N and metabolic waste fish is ammonia and trimethylamine, which secrete little energy.
Protein, fat, carbohydrates are the three major energy sources. But fish have a low digestibility of carbohydrates, and high digestibility of protein and fat, so the main source of energy for fish should be protein and fat. But the price of carbohydrates is often much lower than protein, protein and fat can be saved, so to provide energy is still mainly carbohydrates and fats. Nutritional value of fish feed
Carbohydrate, The digestibility of starch in grains is 20%~40%, the amylase activity of different fish is different, and the absorption and utilization rate of carbohydrate is different. Amylase activity such as carp 61mu/ml, rainbow trout 21%mu/ml, a species with different carbohydrate digestion rate.
Lipids. Fish feed in the digestibility of fat can reach more than 90%, so the fat is an important source of energy for fish, but also to provide essential fatty acids for fish growth.
Protein and amino acid: Protein is the material base of life and plays an important role in life activity. It is composed of 20 amino acids. Proteins are gastrointestinal in the digestive tract (some fish without gastric secretion of digestive enzymes in the foregut only) was hydrolyzed into amino acid, two peptides, three peptides. These decomposition products were absorbed by intestinal mucosa cells, intestinal mucosal cells of these small peptides for intracellular digestion, only amino acids can be used as protein digestion products are released into the portal vein, is the use of the body.
The fish food made by Floating Fish Feed Making Machine can ensure the nutrition of feed. There is no need to heat outside the machine, through the screw extruding of the raw material, produces heat during the rotary working process, and gathers heat in the airtight environment to reach ripening, during the high temperature ripening process, the starch and fiber of the raw material become swell, on the pressure-tight condition, spray up from the mold outlet through the high pressure produced by the regular rotating of the screw, after cutting by the forepart cutter which rotates regularly and high-speedily, the finished product will be shrunk and become small average ball.