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China (International) condiment and food ingredients Expo he

Release Lime: 2017-01-12 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The exhibition covers an area of 40 thousand square meters, attracting exhibitors from all over the world in 26 countries and regions, the total number of professional visitors received more than 40000 visitors. The exhibition area, especially the establish the international investment platform area, salt, vinegar, pickled tofu area, the time-honored area, the supply of raw materials, machineries such as the eight exhibition area. The 2016 round of the new salt reform policy under the new salt Fair held in the same period held a clearer direction for the future of China's salt industry.
Shanghai food ingredients Expo
China condiment Association joint food safety related government departments, in the same period in the CFE2016 to carry out the theme of Suntech law-abiding shared food safety, China condiment industry food safety self-discipline activities. China condiment Association issued a food safety initiative to guide the industry self-regulation of food safety, well-known enterprises signed a food safety self regulatory commitment, and commitment to strict self-discipline.
Wei Xiangyun said: "Chinese condiment Association in the State Food and Drug Administration's initiative, launched in 2016, the condiment industry food safety self-discipline, Chinese condiment Association and enterprises solemn commitment, strengthen self-discipline of industries and enterprises, jointly safeguard food safety industry".The success of food safety self-discipline, to create a good standard, positive public opinion environment, dissemination of scientific knowledge of food safety, promote the general consumer awareness of the status and effectiveness of condiment food safety, establish a benchmark for the safety of the condiment industry.
CFE2016 international condiment market, China condiment association invited to the international condiment Association, the European condiment Association, the Korean sauce trade unions, India chamber of Commerce and other international condiment industry organizations and enterprises to exchange. With the coming of the international trade organization, the domestic enterprises understand the current situation and market demand of the overseas condiment industry.
According to reports from the Nordic industry organizations overseas guests to visit the Nordic countries said that the government and companies are very optimistic about the China huge market consumption capacity and consumption potential, is actively seeking cooperation with Chinese enterprises, the next step will be to find suitable channels and partners in China.