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Best Wood Shaving Machine

Release Lime: 2017-01-16 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Wood shaving machine, also known as wood crusher, wood processing equipment, mainly used for mass production of uniform thickness flakes, is a kind of automatic equipment. It includes a rack, the platform on a rack, knife rest fixed on platform.
Wood enter the machine by feed inlet, the wood will be cut into wood shavings after the blade in the machine. The size and thinkness of wood shaving is uniform, and there is no difference between the wood factory hand out shavings.
The uses of wood shaving is very widely, it can make particleboard (plywood), raw materials for paper pulp, fragile goods transport packing for transport company, to do fillings  for small pig, cattle, sheep and a variety of animals in the nest. can also be used as bio energy.
Our wood shaving machine can process wood club,wood branch,wood crotch,wood leftover material and other wood to be wood shavings with uniform thickness, automatic equipment, greatly improving the production speed, but also save time and manpower.
Wood shavings from this machine are with small volume, and mainly used in shaving board,plywood,furniture manufacturing,paper manufacturing factory,as filling material in logistics field, for poultry breeding Bedding with different thickness , can be as Ignition content, etc.
Machine maintenance and maintenance is very important, In daily using and after using, we should do the following things:
after use every day to adjust the tightness of the belt, down 6-10mm.
to clean up the inside of the machine, can not leave the last crushed material.
Add oil into bearing seat in time, add oil about 3-4 hours of continuous work, and people should pay attention to observe.
Grinding blade at regular time, to avoid blade is not sharp to result the low production efficiency.
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