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Do you know the chopstick etiquette?

Release Lime: 2017-01-17 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Chopsticks are the most important dining utensils for East Asians, and are often used in some areas of Southeast Asia. Holding chopsticks should be standardized posture, dining needs to use other tableware, should first put down the chopsticks.can not insert chopsticks into a bowl of rice or rice. Something temporary leave, can not be inserted in the bowl chopsticks, it should be light on the chopsticks shelf. This is the ancestral offerings placement method, see the foot of the end of rice (there is because, as the worship of God, incense inserted into the furnace of God's actions, in addition to the general worship will not do this, hope others correct); chopsticks must be placed on chopsticks , Can not be placed on a cup or plate, or easy to touch off. If you accidentally knocked the chopsticks on the floor, ask the waiter for a pair.
Do not use chopsticks fork to take food into your mouth, do not use the tongue licking chopsticks on the attachment, not to use chopsticks to push the bowl, plate and cup. When speaking in the banquet, do not put chopsticks as props, random Flurry; or beat the table with chopsticks desktop, with chopsticks pointing others. Chopsticks can not be used against people or eating with chopsticks fingered; each time to use chopsticks to gently put down, try not to sound.
Can not be included in the mouth chopsticks. This is not polite, not health.

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