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How to debug the peanut picker

Release Lime: 2017-01-19 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
In general, the peanut  picking machine factory, have been installed and debugged. However, according to the actual use, some may need to debugging after purchased.
So, how to debug peanut picking machine may will be a headache question.
 peanut picker

Now, we will share you some two methods to debug the peanut picker
A peanut picking machine equipment in the factory are to have an installed debugging. However, after the purchase of machinery, the need for some debugging, because in the course of transportation, machine may get collision, so when you get the machine, you should check whether the machine have normal operation.
These are very simple to test out, as long as have a normal provisions of the operation in accordance. Such as adjusting roller gap, can be adjusted according to the specification , adjusting slide plate and retaining plate, then ,see if the machine works properly.
According to the working principle of the peanut picking machine, it can be easily completed in debugging equipment. In addition, we should pay attention to different types of peanut picking machine equipment, their working principle is not the same, the debugging process must be distinguished.
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