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Safety operation rules for cotton swab machine

Release Lime: 2017-01-17 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
1. Before starting the cotton swab machine, we should check whether there is a fault, whether the required raw materials are available. (whether the glue is applicable, Is the glue added, hether bamboo is filled )
2. Adjust the equipment to normal speed 350-400 /min, so that the normal operation.
3. In the process of equipment operation, don't put your finger into the cotton and the transition wheel; When cleaning chain, gear, wire or other tools, disable wire or other tools into the cotton machine; If you need to wipe or debugging, you must first cut off the power supply, so that it can be completely stopped running.
4. Regular cleaning of the suction fan and suction fan inlet, so as not to waste too much impact on the suction effect.
5. When the equipment is in normal production, the operator should do a good job of self inspection and pick out the defective products.
6. In the operation of the equipment to keep the glue hole of the head mould unobstructed, often dredge, so as not to affect the quality of the product.
7. When operating equipment, the operator should wear hats, masks and other protective equipment; clothing, hair, hands and other parts of the body is not allowed to touch any of the equipment operation and transmission parts.
8. When equipment repairing, to cut off the power supply, and so it can stop after the operation.
9. Every day before work must clean up the equipment, to ensure the smooth start of the next equipment. Check if the rotating parts are flexible, if not flexible, to check whether the bearings are clean, and add lubricating oil.

cotton swab machine
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