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How to Reduce The Cost of Feed?

Release Lime: 2017-02-24 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
How to reduce the cost of feed and meet a variety of livestock and poultry nutrition needs haev  become the majority of farmers and feed industry to solve the most important problem.

Straw biochemical protein feed technology is the crop straw through the crushing, fermentation, granulation and other technical measures, so that lignin is softened, crude protein, crude fiber, crude fat and other degradation of livestock easily digested and absorbed substances, while fermentation also produced A large number of bacterial protein, after fermentation becomes soft cooked, sweet, granulation increased the palatability of poultry, crude protein, amino acid average will increase by 40.6% and 95.8%, arginine, cystine, group ammonia Acid levels have increased significantly, sugar, fat content increased, and produce B, D, E and other vitamins and growth factors, and then mixed with other raw materials prepared into the full price of feed by the pellet feed machine pressed into a nutrient-rich feed particles, so that livestock Feeding increased, growth accelerated. Reducing food costs (the equivalent of 270 kg of food feed per ton of straw feed) saves feed costs and increases the income of farmers.

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