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Which Huller Machine Suitable For Rice ?

Release Lime: 2017-02-24 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
With small rice huller machine hulling the skin of ecological rice have compact structure, small size, easy to move, low power consumption, long life, easy operation and maintenance.
Small household rice huller machine with a shoulder, The rice roller has a circumferential groove corresponding to the shoulder or a circumferential groove corresponding to the shoulder at the junction of the rice roller and the screw conveyor. The small rice huller is powered by a motor, which drives the rice roll to rotate at high speed in the rice mills composed of rice rollers, rice knives and rice sieves. The rice or brown rice is pushed and squeezed and rubbed. As the shoulder and the circumferential groove ,the role of the grain husk completely, uniform, broken rice rate is low.
You can process a variety of rice varieties, the rice husk and rice bran separation, the general rice out of rice rate of 75% or more. Processed finished rice bright white, taste fragrant, very tasty.
The rice hulling machine can hull rice without hull, while the completion of rice, chaff, broken rice separation.