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Automatic Bag Sewing Machine for Sale

Release Lime: 2017-03-24 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
 The automatic bag sewing machine is a single needle bag stitching machine (1500 rpm) for a variety of bags. The balance between the rotating parts is good, and there is almost no vibration. And high-speed bagging production line in conjunction with the most ideal, can make the conveyor speed of 10 m / min. All parts are dust-proof parts. Using a unique and simple closed oil-selling lubrication system, greatly extending the life of the moving parts, while reducing maintenance costs.
1.The maximum sewing speed 1500r.p.m maximum sewing thickness of 8mm.
2.Stitch length 7-11.5mm stitch type double chain.
3.Machine needle DR-H30 # 26 suture specifications 20S / 6 20S / 9 chemical fiber line
4. The sewing machine is widely used in food, food, chemical, fertilizer, household chemicals, building materials, feed and other industries automatically seam package.

automatic bag sewing machine for sale in china