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Spelt Dehuller Machine Suppliers

Release Lime: 2017-03-29 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Spelt dehuller machine is used to separates spelt grain from husks. Mixture comes out from machine bottom outlet and comes to aspiration channel PAS, where Husks and other light impurities are aspirated. Hulled spelt grains with part of complete grains with husk (up to 10 %) and heavy parts of plant comes to?outlet part of aspiration channel.

It is necessary to exhaust air from aspiration channel - using central aspiration, mobile exhaustor or separate fan with cyclone separator or filter -not part of the delivery.Feeding hopper, that can be loaded manually or by conveyer, is a part of delivery. Huller with aspiration channel can be fixed on a standard stand (bag-filling assumed) or otherwise integrated to the technology.

spelt deller machine manufacturersDifferent rice have different output rate such as  brown rice: 80%-82% 2.milled rice with embryo: 75% 3.white rice(polished rice): 68%-75%.Actually the Rice  dehulling have most high, and then coffee bean,later is buckwheat, last hemp seeds.

This is dehulling machine test work video for spelt: