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What Is The Work Prinple of Hulling Machine

Release Lime: 2017-03-31 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Common hulling machine equipment, such as rubber roller hulling machine, sand hulling machine and centrifugal hulling machine.

The main working part of the roller hull is a horizontal rubber roller or plastic roll that is bonded or wrapped on the cast iron cylinder. The two rollers are located in the same horizontal plane or have a slight height difference, rotating at different speeds, where the position of one roller is fixed and the other roller can be moved to adjust the rolling distance between the rollers. Two-wire line speed difference of 2 to 3.2 m / s, line speed and should not exceed 30 m / s. The rice plate is fed evenly between the rollers on the full length of the roller by means of a feed roll and a flow plate. The equal diameter rolls are rotated in opposite directions at different line speeds, The rice is squeezed and torn off. Due to the squeeze by the two rollers and the difference caused by the difference between the two roller torn off the role of the vast majority of rice to achieve the purpose of shelling into the husk separation device, and then by the suction port to 4 to 5 m / s wind speed rice husk. After the coarse mixture is separated from the rice husk, the coarse mixture is discharged from the discharge slab. Roller pitch adjustment mechanism has two kinds of constant pressure regulation and fixed distance adjustment. Constant pressure adjustment can be carried out by air pressure, hydraulic pressure or thallium, in which the pressure thallium type automatic roller (rolling distance adjustment) is the first development of China in the 20th century, 60 years. In order to keep the two yarns at the correct linear velocity of the line speed difference, China has also developed a combination of gearbox and triangular tape transmission. Rubber roller hulling machine hulling rate is high, brown rice surface smooth, broken rice less, but the high temperature when the roller fast loss, brown rice burst more, higher production costs.

Sand tray hulling machine with two rounds of circular diamond plate, fixed on the plate, the next plate rotation, line speed of 20 to 25 m / s. Rice in the two sand tray, due to the end of the role of rubbing and shelling shelling. The advantage is less brown rice burst, sand than the roller wear, low processing costs; drawback is lower shelling rate, broken rice more. Sand tile hulling machine main work components are bonded with cast iron discs as one of the ring diamond plate, on the next two, the disk fixed, the next plate rotation and can move up and down, according to the size of rice grain size adjustment up and down the sand tray Gap (pitch). The rolling distance should be less than the length of the rice, but greater than the width and thickness of the rice. The rice is fed from the hopper through the central area of ​​the upper platens and the centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the lower platen forces the grain into the annular hull area between the two disks. Under the effect of end pressure and friction, about 75% of the rice can be removed from the glume, but rough broken rice more. After the shelling of the coarse mixture by the husk separation device by air to remove the husk after the machine outside the machine. Sand plate diameter of 400 ~ 1120 mm, the width of the annular shelling area is generally 1/6 to 1/7 of the outer diameter.

Centrifugal hulling machine's main working parts, including rotating rejection rejection disk, the outside of the fixed impact ring. Rice into the work area was wheeled to accelerate, with centrifugal inertia force to the impact ring, due to impact and shelling. This machine is simple structure, easy operation and management, less power consumption, low processing cost; only broken rice more, the rice rate is low.