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Paper Pencil Pole Rolling Machine

Release Lime: 2017-04-05 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The Paper Pencil Pole Rolling Machine is a machine of Paper Pencil making production line which is the special supporting equipment in the process of making pencil pencils for the artificial rubber core, and it is formed by the machine. The machine is mainly composed of paper feed table, brush parts, rack, ring belt and washboard parts, transmission parts, collection of plastic, and other items.
Each part of the work sequence is driven by the motor drive output power, and then by the chain on the chain wheel through the chain to drive the drum on the circular belt rotation, ring tape and wash the outer surface of the plastic plate to produce friction to make lead, The formation of the paper was constantly wrapped around the lead on the lead. The whole paper was rolled over the pencil. After forming the pencil to move forward, and then through the next washboard to complete the degumming and further volume and then fall into the fall of the bucket. There is a valve on the side of the valve, the amount of plastic can be adjusted the size of the excess glue into the plastic plate after the end of the flow into the barrel to re-use.

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