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How to Make Wood Pencil?

Release Lime: 2017-04-18 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Everyone will use a pencil, but few people know how the pencil is produced. Today, we are visiting a veteran pencil factory located in Moscow. This pencil factory began producing wooden pens from 1926. Pencils from the machine out, but have to go through a few processes can be made after the pencil. A good pencil, with a good glue into the semi-finished products into the press pressing, so that wood and pencil core close together. Small pencils embody the craftsmanship and the pain of the workers, although this wooden pencil is now less used.
For now, the we have more advanced technology. We offer professional wooden pencil production line which consist side Sawing Machine,Groove Planning Machine,Core Glue Machine,Board Binding Machine,Pole Machine,Horizontal Polishing Machine.
We promise formula can produce the same quality to the sample provided by the pencil.Unified product standards and raw material supply, product recycling, unified sales, to enter into a contract, without factory experience, let your investment profits.

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