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How to Make Oil From Rape Seeds ?

Release Lime: 2017-04-25 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Rapeseed oil referred to as "vegetable oil", mainly from the cabbage and cabbage-type oil Levin seeds (oil 22% -49%, an average of 40%). Containing 21% -27% protein, phospholipids about 1%. These varieties of rapeseed are produced in China, India, Japan, Pakistan, Sweden, Poland, Germany, Chile, France and Canada. In Europe, the source of vegetable oil is winter rapeseed. In Pakistan and Canada, the main source of vegetable oil is summer sown cabbage.

How to make oil from rape seeds ?There are always two Techniques to make oil from rape seeds: hot pressing and cold pressing . Hot pressing way is recommended for the explanation that oil extracted by the technique of hot pressing is of higher excellent and higher oil output rate.
(1) Hot Pressing: Rapeseeds - Selecting - Prepressing - Heating -- Pressing.
When applying the method of hot pressing, to eliminate foreign particles by selection, then verify water content as described above , in
case of too dry. Add two.5-3% of water, typically two times extruding is sufficient.
(2) Cold Pressing: Rapeseeds -- Selecting-- Pressing (in case of sufficient water content).
When working with the method of cold pressing, pre-press and heat the seeds following picking the material. Add 2-3% .of water and await
till appear coffee color and temperature 110- 120C, then ready for pressing.

how to make oil from rape seeds