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What The Screw Oil Press Machine Used For ?

Release Lime: 2017-04-26 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The screw oil press machine is multifunctional can press oil from ground nuts, bean, rape and cotton seeds, sesame, sunflower,cocoa and grass seeds.Today we will share the soybean,peanut,ssameseeds for you.

Soybeans: There are two ways of extruding soybean oil. They are hot pressing and cold pressing. (1) Hot Pressing:  Soybeans – Selecting – Prepressing – Heating -- Pressing.
First select soybeans and remove foreign particles, then soften the material by breaking and adding water of 7- 8% and
then steam them to 115C, beans will be ready for pressing.
(2) Cold Pressing:Soybeans -- Selecting-- Pressing (in case of adequate water content).

Peanut: Cold and hot pressing are both available, but hot pressing methods have better effect than cold pressing. Firstly crack or pre-press groundnut kernels then steam them for 1.5-2 hours, temperature should control about 120C and the water content control about 3%. Normal pressing starts at temperature of 85C or crack them firstly and at a pol. add 7- 8% of water. Look coffee color will be ready for pressing. If groundnuts with shells, you should remove the shell in advance by a peanut sheller.
Sesame: Roast the sesame seeds until light gray with a burst phenomenon before pressing. At the same time, the sesame oil will outflow when pinching the sesame seed with your hand. Using big fire to roast sesame seeds, the temperature may be 120-150℃. Then press the roasted sesame seeds thoroughly to get the pure oil at one time. And the sesame oil meal(de-oiled cake) has strip shape with 0.7-15mm thickness.
screw oil press machine for soybean,peanut,sesame