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What Is The Wooden Rounding Stick Machine Function and How t

Release Lime: 2017-04-27 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
There are two kinds of wooden rounding stick machine in us, one is a single wooden car made of round bar; the other is similar to the two sides planing, the wood sheet is a direct processing into a number of round bars.
Wood from the logs began by the "band saw" processing into a thick plate, from the circular saw or band saw fixed width, from the cut saw fixed length, dry into the workshop according to the need to use different machinery,
Such as polishing materials and fingerprints
Planing material: flat planing (also called hand pressure planing) flat out a standard plane, along the saw width, pressure planing (or sanding machine) will be thick, cut saw fixed length;
Refers to the puzzle: the wood will be wide, after thick (usually after the band sawing the dry can be done, do not need to do the same as the polished wood), comb the comb comb, then the wood to its finger Growth, and then four sides planing will be set wide, with puzzle machine to fight it into a wide board, and then by sanding machine will be finished thick finished.

wooden rounding stick making machine