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Application of Wood Shaving Machine for Animal Bedding

Release Lime: 2017-05-03 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Efficient wood shaving machine for animal bedding, is a new type of woodworking machinery, can be processed rods, branches, branches, logs and so on. Mainly used for mass production of uniform thickness of the sheet.
Our shavings are specially designed for the production of shavings and wooden pallets, granules, MDFs, wood fiberboards, furniture factories, wooden blocks, pallet pallet and papermaking for animals (chickens, sheep, pigs, ducks, pets, etc.) Industrial, etc. Our efficient shavings are designed to produce the desired and sized shavings so that they can be used as bed linen for animals such as horses, pigs, chickens, rabbits, cattle, sheep and so on at paper mills Wood pulp, transport company fragile filling material, wood, wood, wood, wood, waste wood, branch scraped into debris.
Raw materials can be smaller diameter logs, small surplus materials and construction waste, but wood should be less than 20 cm in diameter
The shaving thickness may be 0.5 mm
The platform is fixed on the frame and the tool holder is fixed on the platform
This kind of shaving machine chrome after the use of wear-resistant pad, flexible knife, durable steel durable tool.
Larger wood shavings and ancillary machines are available in a cylinder traction system or manual system for customers to choose from.
High efficiency animal bed with planer with automatic feeding device, compared with the traditional simple operation, greatly improving the grain productivity, saving labor and time. The entrance uses the automatic feeding device, the material comet into the efficient animal bed with a shaving machine, CE through the feed port, the blade part inside the machine, and then enter the screen. The final will produce a uniform particle size, the thickness can be automatically adjusted. The size of the final product can be adjusted by adjusting the tool and replacing the sieve.