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Rice Washing Machine With High Quality

Release Lime: 2017-05-08 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Rice washing machine is our company based on market feedback information developed by the development of new products, rice and other grain food panning the rational equipment, mainly for canteen, fast food, food processing plants and other enterprises and other rice and other grain food panning.
The machine design is scientific and reasonable, compact structure, can be continuous rapid panning, in the panning process, rice and stones, mud, bran skin, rice insects and other debris can also be removed from different export high-speed. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, convenient operation, labor saving, labor saving and water saving. The machine can not only wash the rice, but also the ideal equipment for scouring red bean, green bean and other granular grain.
The machine is mainly composed of frame, sand and gravel separator, floating material separator, milder bucket, water-saving device and pipeline combination structure.
The machine is made of high quality stainless steel material, to ensure long-term work of stainless, non-toxic, non-toxic, harmless, in line with food hygiene requirements.
First turn on the water, start the power, adjust the row of stone pressure, the rice into the Shengmi Dou, after the separator combination, under the action of different pressures of water, stones, mud and other hard impurities from the gravel separator In the discharge; bran skin, rice insects and other debris from the floating material separator; washed rice through the rice tube into the rice basket, the completion of rice washing work.