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Peanut Picking Machine Manufacturers

By:Wendy  Time:2017-05-09

As a peanut picking machine manufacturers , we would like to  introduce how to  maintain peanut picking machine:
1, Must adjust and repair  before the peanut picking machine working. Before the operation, the operator should conduct a comprehensive inspection of the picking machine to see if the picking machine is in good condition, whether the connecting bolts are fastened, whether the pulleys are firmly installed, whether or not the pulley is rotated by hand, Check whether the motor is running properly; check whether the motor is running properly, and whether the power cord is running or not. Check whether the motor is running smoothly or not. Leakage phenomenon. In addition, the rotation of the parts to install the protective cover; test run, the staff should leave the picking machine, until the operator issued a specified signal, began trial operation.
2, The operation should be carried out according to the process. When the peanut seedling must be filled with the results of the peanut into the feed port, feeding to be uniform; operation is strictly prohibited stones, wood, metal and other hard objects into the machine, so as not to damage the machine and cause personal accident; The operator is required to tighten the clothes cuffs, lesbians to take the work cap; operation, such as hearing an abnormal sound or failure to find a fault must be checked when the operation of the mouth , Promptly troubleshooting, is strictly prohibited machine sick work; prohibited picking machine overload work; every day after the end of the work to be professionals to check, adjust and maintenance. Such as: filling grease, welding and so on; picking machine drum clogging, should check the size of the feed, peanut dry temperature, the motor V-belt tightness, power supply voltage; peanut picking machine is not necessary to adjust The gap between the hobbing and the sieve. Hobbing and sieve at the end of the gap is easy to cause picking is not net; when the peanut fruit contains more debris, peanut fruit has been sucked out, it is appropriate to adjust the suction outlet. Debris for a long time down the suction port; peanut fruit has been sucked out, up the suction outlet.