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Almond Shelling Machine To Australia

Release Lime: 2017-10-25 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The almond shelling machine will be sipped to Australia.The shelling machine is mainly used for stripping all kinds of nuclear hard shell. Mainly used for a variety of almond, hazelnut nut kernel shell special machine.
The whole machine includes one stage shelling, two stage shelling, three stage shelling, and four stage discharging mechanism. According to the size of apricot will be divided into 3 grades, one-time feeding, all the raw materials to complete the shelling. By feeding, 123 level processing and discharging, at all levels of the screen body and the vibration sieve, simultaneously stripping three different specifications of the peach, almond, hazelnut and hard shell, reasonable design broken rate is low, is the ideal equipment for processing nuclear current. Small single stage shelling can also be designed.

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