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Nut Roasting Machine Sold to Mexico

Release Lime: 2017-10-23 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Our the nut roasting machine sold to Mexico. The mexico custoemr need the nut roasting machine for peanut.We provide the nutroasting machine can process 50 kilogram per time. The more bigger capacity also be avaiable.

The machine has stable mechanical performance, adopts full closed belt rotation, and has reasonable layout, low power consumption, high efficiency, safety and sanitation. This machine is easy to operate, stir evenly along the direction of rotation of the normal roasted seeds and nuts.

The drum is heated evenly and has the function of heat preservation and high thermal efficiency. The drum rotates continuously, so that the peanut can be fully and vertically left and right forward and backward, and no more manual assistance is needed. And there will not be sticky pot phenomenon, and peanut color is good, aroma assail the nostrils.

nut roasting machine for peanut sold to mexico