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Cashew Nut Processing Equipment To Brazil

Release Lime: 2017-10-17 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Our the cashew nut processing equipment sold to brazil. Cashew nuts is a kidney-shaped nuts, edible part of it is the birth at the top of the pseudocarp kidney-shaped part, about 25 mm long, from green gray to brown, hard shells, bread in the seeds, sweet as honey.The cashews are very adaptable, and they are the tree species of high - temperature and strong positive.
Dry and barren, with certain anti-wind ability.It is advisable to grow below 400 meters above sea level.It is not high in soil, except for heavy clay and limestone, and it can grow in red soil, sandy soil or rocky mountain where soil organic matter is less than 1%.

Cashews are not hardy and require a high temperature during the growth period.Monthly average temperature in 23 to 30 ℃ blossom is normal, 20 ℃, slow growth below 17 ℃, easy cold, below 15 ℃ is severely abused to death.The annual sunshine is more than 2,000 hours, and annual precipitation is more than 1000-1600 mm.
Do not plant in areas where the water level is too high or rainy season.

The growth of cashews is generally in the early stages of the rainy season.The main root of the 4-5 ling tree is 5 meters deep, the lateral root is developed, and the lateral root of 6 is about 7 meters.After 2 years of flowering, 3 years of results, 8 years later into the fruity stage, the flowering stage 15-25 years.
Cashews contain high amounts of calories, mostly fat, followed by carbohydrates and proteins.

cashew nut processing equipment sold to brazil