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Automatic Flavoring Machine For Fired Food

Release Lime: 2017-10-16 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
The snack food flavoring machine  is designed for octagonal shape, avoiding the drawbacks of the non-rolling of the raw material of beaded seasoning machine.The powder mixer can realize the automatic mixing function, so it is also called a "drum food mixer", which is convenient to use.The orb of octagonal seasoning machine is stainless steel.
Food flavoring machine: for various types of Fried and non-fried food, evenly spread all kinds of powder, syrup.This mixer product is sanitary and easy to clean.
The snack food seasoning machine adopt decelerating motor and gear transmission, so that the Fried food is not broken and stirred automatically;Mix well mix, easy to operate;High output.Stainless steel production, roll speed and inclination can be adjusted, and the amount of powder can be controlled.Any food can be seasoned and tossed.According to the shape characteristics of Fried food, it is made in two forms: disc and octagon.

It is a special equipment for the flavoring and mixing of Fried food, and is the most advanced deep-fried food flavoring equipment in China.
Anise mix machine structure is simple, practical, and is mainly used for food seasoning powder mixing of the late or mixed powder coating and special material, octagon for stainless steel barrel design, avoid the pellet mixing materials barrels materials without moving, the disadvantages of uneven mixing materials, can make in a short time to be processed food seasoning material with the required fully mixing uniformity, automatic tilting send food material out of barrel.The purpose of automatic mixing, automatic feeding and cleaning and disinfection is convenient.

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