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Potato Chips Flavoring Machine Sold To Sudan

Release Lime: 2017-10-13 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Our potato chisp flavoring machine sold to Sudan.Our the snack food flavoring machine also can season other snack food such as chin chin,onion rings,banana chips,peanut,broad bean and others. For the other shape snack food for triangle or pentagon or other irregular shape. you can sent us pic or send your rawe material then we can test machine for you.  The machine is made of high quality stainless steel.It can season any kind of food. And can mix the raw material and flavor evenly in the short time.

The snack food flavoring machine advantages:
1.The fried food seasoning machine is easy to operate and can avoid the damage of food.
2.The oil spraying amount can be adjusted by automatic discharging.
3.It is designed to avoid the disadvantages of ball seasoning machine which cann’t not
turn the raw materials efficiently.  
4. Automatic lean to output the material.
5. It also has the advantages of stable operation, low noise and simple compact structure.
potato chips flavoring machine sold to sudan