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Automatic Hemp Seeds Dehulling Machine Manufacturer

Release Lime: 2017-09-14 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
We are hemp seeds dehulling machine manufacturer in china. The automatic Hemp seeds dehulling machine also called hemp seeds shelling machine is used to dehull, remove shell, separate kernels from hempseeds . And meanwhile the un-hulled seeds will go back to dehullers for re-hulling automatically.
The appliance of frequency method in dehullers can modify the frequency price in accordance to various hempseed range or h2o content material of hemp seed alone. Yet another vital know-how is always that owing on the higher oil information on the hemp seeds, the combination right after dehulling within the chamber of dehullers will stay with the internal wall of your dehullers conveniently, we design an opening for cleaning up anytime. We undertake vibrating reseparator for seed-kernels separation operates to scale back the kernels percentage material in seeds for 2nd spherical of dehulling, therefore the kernels damaged level is decreased appropriately.This equipment attributes simple procedure, significant degree of automation, risk-free and responsible, wonderful and durable and intensive application.

If you need the small capacity hemp seed dehulling machine, we also can provide you the hulling machine with 300kilogram per hour.

autoamtic hemp seeds dehulling machine
small capacity hemp seed dehulling machine