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Toothpick Machine For Sale

Release Lime: 2017-09-18 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
About the toothpick machine, we have bamboo toothpick machine and wood toothpick machine for you different choice, Toothpick Machine is composed of 7 machines that is employed for creating wooden and bamboo toothpicks from square timber to finished products.
1.Raw bamboo sawing
Usage: Sawed  used for feeding and cutting bamboo, better length is 1-1.2m
two.Bamboo dissection machine
Usage: Dissection cutter head(9-18heads)total ten, place the finished bamboo into the suit cutter head according to the size and Polish them into bamboo flakes, width from 20mm to 22mm, speed of feeding is 57m/min
3.Fixed thickness and width slicer
Usage: Place some of the flakes into this machine and flake, width is 3-4mm, speed of
feeding is 87m/min
4.Bamboo filament shaping machine
Usage: Put the polished bamboo flakes into this machine and make it
5.Bamboo filament set-size machine
Usage: The normal common is 2*2.2mm, speed of feeding is 87m/min
6.Toothpick set-size machine
Usage: Set the filament, length of 34mm
7.Polishing machine
Usage: Polish the raw toothpick just after the set-size
8.Toothpick sorting machine
Usage: Saw web300mmX120T, the typical length of toothpick is set 65mm
9.Tooth pick mincing machine
Usage: Sharp the toothpick, feeding automatically, 1500PCS/min
10.Sharpen machine
Usage: Particular for divided slice and set-sized raw web