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High Quality Avocado Oil Extraction Processing Machine Manuf

Release Lime: 2018-05-25 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
 We as a avocado oil extraction machine manufacturer in China, provide high quality avocado oil press machine. And the oil extractor machine have semi-automatic machine and automatic oil press machine. All of customer can make a choice according there different demands. Any problem you can contact us freely.
avocado oil extraction machine
  • High quality avocado oil press machine introduction :
1. Avocado oil producing machine is largely composed of electrical control, automatic heating, adjustment, transmission and vacuum oil filter elements.
2. The press screw is manufactured from alloy steel by means of carburizing treatment, enhance the surface hardness and wear resistance;
3. Press row is grinding as a result of flat grinder, ensure the accuracy of oil line, improve the yield efficiency;
4. The typical elements like distribution, vacuum and automatic heating pick out domestic well-known brand, optimize machine configuration;
five. The Avocado oil press machine surface is of stainless steel and chrome plating processing, in line with meals hygiene specifications.
6. Cake thickness could be adjusted when the oil extraction machine end operating;
  • Avocado oil extraction machine manufacturer:
We are professional in manufacture and export of full oil mill plants and connected equipment.Our avocado oil press machines are superior screw expeller pressing, characterized by their higher oil output charge with good good quality, easy layout, effortless to work with and continuous operation. Avocado oil press machine may be used to press numerous raw materials, this kind of as rape and cotton seeds, sunflower, coconut, grass seed, avocado, and so on. Gearbox makes use of helical gears, creating smooth transmission, and reduce operating noise.
This implies it is possible to make extra income outdoors the usual olive processing season through the use of high good quality avocado oil extraction machine technologies to also generate avocado oil.
This helps you enhance your return on investment, and will pave the way to critical new high-margin commercial possibilities.

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