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High Shelling Rate Buckwheat Sheller Machinew

Release Lime: 2016-07-07 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Buckwheat is widely cultivated in China, Russia, Canada, France, Poland, Australia,etc. Buckwheat is with low content gluten, the main protein is globulin. Buckwheat essential amino acids contained in the lysine content of the high and low levels of methionine, an amino acid pattern with the major cereals (e.g. wheat, corn, rice low lysine content) complementary.
Buckwheat carbohydrates mainly starch. Because the finer particles, so other cereals compared with easily cooked, easy to digest, easy processing characteristics.
buckwheat shelling machine
Buckwheat is rich in dietary fiber, which is 10 times the normal content of refined rice; iron, manganese, zinc and other trace elements buckwheat also contains abundant than the average cereal.
B vitamins, vitamin E, chromium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, lysine, an amino acid, a fatty acid, linoleic acid, nicotinic acid, nicotinic acid, rutin
Buckwheat shelling machine solves the bitter buckwheat shelling method because most of the aging process changes buckwheat kernel original nutrients and properties, and whole grain rate is not high. Carried out in accordance with the following steps:
1, Raw buckwheat cleaning,
2, Soaked with water.
3, Put in special containers, into industrial microwave heating, the heating temperature is controlled at less than 65 ℃.
4, Putting into shelling shelling equipment
5, By screening, air separation has been disengaged buckwheat shells.
6, Screening or gravity paddy separator sorted bitter buckwheat kernels. The present invention provides a novel buckwheat shelling method innovatively microwave heating for bitter buckwheat shelling, the use of microwave heating characteristics to achieve buckwheat shelling, while avoiding the buckwheat shelling the process of aging, bitter buckwheat to retain the original nutrients, and will receive more than 95% of morphological integrity bitter buckwheat kernels.
Buckwheat shelling machine is multi-purpose for wheat,barley,Millet,Chinese sorghum,corn or maize,pea,etc, with adjustable capacity and customized design.