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Cocoa Bean Processing Solutions For Trinidad and Tobago IS Group

Release Lime: 2022-07-26 Source: Longer - Nut Processing Solution Provider
Trinidad and Tobago is an agricultural country that mainly grows cocoa , sugar cane, etc. 75% of food is imported. Industrial output accounts for nearly 50% of GDP. Oil extraction and refining are the main industries, followed by manufacturing and construction. The main manufacturing industries are food, tobacco, fertilizer, steel and so on. IS Group located in the country is mainly engaged in tobacco and has strong strength. However, due to the country's population constraints, IS Group looks forward to achieving sustainable development through diversification.
Food is a necessity for everyone's daily life, and this business is bound to have a bright future. For the expanded business areas, the senior management of IS Group unanimously chose food processing. However, as a group company mainly engaged in tobacco business, IS Group knows nothing about the technology, equipment, channels and operations of the food industry, and can only hope for a professional food processing solution provider.
ccoa bean processing solution
To this end, IS Group visited a number of local food companies to understand the operational knowledge and equipment selection of food processing. Knowing about our Longer Company from several large local food companies has inspired IS Group's confidence in opening the road to diversification. It turns out that several well-known food companies in the country are using the food processing solutions provided by our company.
After contacting the Longer Company, the head of the IS group expressed some initial thoughts. Taking into account the actual consumption market, IS Group selected the cocoa bean processing under the suggestion of Longer Company. From a professional point of view, Longer Company solution engineers provided a complete set of solution materials including plant planning, process flow, equipment selection, and solution schematic diagrams. Considering that the client has never been in contact with the food industry, Jergoug Company took the initiative to arrange several video conferences to provide professional training for relevant personnel of IS Group.
Trinidad and Tobago produces cocoa, and Longer Company has a proven solution for cocoa bean processing solution: selected cocoa beans are dried through cocoa bean roasting machine, and the roasted cocoa beans are further removed from moisture and produce a characteristic After cooling, it enters the peeling machinet to remove the skin, and the cocoa beans are roughly crushed; then enter the colloid mill for grinding to produce cocoa mass; the ground cocoa mass needs to be extracted with a hydraulic press; the refined cocoa mass is deoiled The cocoa butter is separated by the machine to obtain the cocoa cake; the cocoa cake is put into the pulverizer and ground into cocoa powder. The particle size of cocoa powder is very important to the taste and flavor of the finished product. The smaller the particle size, the finer the taste and the more fully released the flavor.
At present, the cocoa bean processing solution provided by Longer Company for IS Group has been put into production, and it is becoming a new business growth point, continuously expanding the diversified business territory of IS Group.
"Longer Company has given us a professional, exclusive, bespoke solution for our new venture into food processing, giving us a boost of confidence. I can't wait to collaborate more."
- Head of IS Group, Trinidad and Tobago
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